Trekking to Fany Lakes

Dushanbe – Gorge Varzob – pass Anzob – Alaudin Base Camp – Alaudinsky lakes – Mutny lakes – Chimtarga or Kaznok Passes – Big Alaudin lake – Kulikalon lakes – Alaudin Pass – Zierat pass – lakes Zierat and Chukurak – Laudan pass – lake Iskanderkul – Saritag village – village Urmitan

1 Day. Dushanbe.
Arrival in Dushnbe, meeting with guide in airport, transfer to the hotel, accommodation. Rest. Breakfast.
2 Day. Gorge Varzob – pass Anzob – Alaudin Base Camp.
Breakfast. Crossing: Dushanbe – gorge Varzob – pass Anzob (H-3372) – Sarvoda village – Alaudin Base Camp (137 km). The way from Dushanbe in mountains Fany passes through pass Anzob (Н-3372). The road connecting Dushanbe with Khudjand town leaves on the north. The road results in gorge Varzob, it is a resort zone of Tajikistan, favourite vacation spot peoples from Dushanbe. Here it is a lot of houses and zones of rest. The gorge Varzob crosses the central part of a southern slope of Hissar mountains. In the bottom current the river Varzob, under name Dushnabinka, leaves on plain on which the city Dushanbe is located, and below, to the west of capital, on the right, runs into the river Kafirnigan. The valley of the river Varzob – from sources up to plain – makes 72 km. A difference of heights from the beginning of the river up to a mouth – about 1,5 km. We pass many galleries which detain avalanches. Snow tops rise above four thousand meters. Tunnel Istiklol, through pass Anzob builders have built from Iran, for an all-the-year-round automobile communication of the center and the north of Tajikistan, as a result of it the way has decreased for 40 kilometers. Length of a tunnel of 5,2 kilometers. After pass we come to settlement of geologists Sarvoda. The mountains Fany from here begin, one of roads leads to the biggest lake in mountains Fany – Iskander-Kul. Way from kishlak Sarvoda up to base camp “Alaudin ” of 33 kilometers. We pass small mine – here extract coal for local residents. Then kishlak Pasrud which was stretched on gorge on some kilometers begins. Last on our way small kishlak Marguzor. Arrival in «Alaudin» Base Camp, accommodation in cottages. Do not forget to take bottles with water, as the road and weather are very hot during summer time. Welcome dinner is at the Base Camp in mountain restaurant. Accommodation is in the cottages (2 – 4 persons in the room).
3 Day. Alaudinsky lakes.
Breakfast. Free day with walking around the Alaudinsky lakes. Lunch and dinner. Preparation to the trekking. Overnight is in the cottages.
4 Day. Mutny lakes.
Breakfast. Hiking: to the Mutny lakes (H-3500) along the Chapdara valley (10 km, 4 – 5 hours). Lunch on the bank of the lake. Making the camp, walking around, Dinner and overnight in the tents.

5 Day. Chimtarga or Kaznok Passes – Big Alaudin lake.
Breakfast. Hiking: a stroll in the surroundings of the Mutny lakes, an ascent onto a glacier to the panorama point. Those who wish can ascend the Chimtarga (H-4600) or Kaznok (H-4000) passes respectively, about (4 – 6 hours) of pleasant walk with stops for rest. Lunch on the way. A descent by the ravine of the Chapdara river, the rest on the bank of the Big Alaudin lake (those who wish can bathe in the water with a temperature of ten degrees above zero centigrade), and return to the Base Camp “Alaudin”. Dinner and overnight is in the cottages.
6 Day. Kulikalon lakes – Alaudin Pass.
Breakfast. Hiking: to the Kulikalon lakes via Alaudin pass (H-3800) (10 km, 5 – 6 hours). A magnificent view of the 1,5 kilometer Kulikalon wall is opened from the pass. Lunch on the way. Dinner and overnight in the tents at the bank on the lakes.
7 Day. Zierat pass – lakes Zierat and Chukurak.
Breakfast. Hiking: around the Kulikalon lakes. Those who wish can go by the low Zierat pass (H-3320) to the lakes Zierat and Chukurak, or ascent of the Fluorite pass (H-2900); a visit to the mine in which fluorite was extracted, climbing Mt. Fluorite (H-3200) from which a fine view of the entire Kulikalon wall and the Kulikalon basin opens up, and visiting the lakes Dushakha in the upper part of the Kulikalon basin under the Kulikalon wall. Lunch on the way. All walks are very simple. Dinner and overnight in the tents.
8 Day. Laudan pass – Alaudin Base Camp.
Breakfast. Hiking: return to the Alaudin Base Camp via the Laudan pass (H-3630) by the path which the ancient local population was connected with outer world (10 km, 5 – 6 hours. Lunch on the way. Dinner and overnight in the cottages.
9 Day. Alaudin Base Camp.
Breakfast. Full day of rest. Walks, taking a pictures, full board, farewell fire for shashlyk and champagne. Overnight in the cottages.
10 Day. lake Iskanderkul – Saritag village.
Breakfast. Transfer: Base Camp “Alaudin” and drive to the famous high mountain lake Iskanderkul (named after Alexander the Great). Lunch on the bank of the lake. Optional motorboat walk round the lake. After lunch transfer to the local village Saritag on the tributary of the lake, making a camp on the bank of river Saritag. Dinner in the local house or on the bank of the river in the tents.
11 Day. Village Urmitan.
Breakfast. Transfer: to the mountain village Urmitan, the capital of the former feudal domain Falgar, on the bank of Zeravshan river, visiting the local houses, blacksmith, potter, ancient mosque (XI cent.). Dinner in the native house in national tradition on the floor. Accommodation is native house on the floor or in the garden under sky.
12 Day.
Breakfast. Transfer: in the hotel or B&B the bus excursion about Samarkand. Visit famous and majestic places of this fairy-tales city – Registan Square with three madrassahs, Mausoleum of Tamerlan Gur-Emir, Complex Shah-i-Zindah, Mosque Bibi-Hanum, sand town Afrosiab. Optional folklore concert in the evening.

Please, note!
It is possible to make this trek in the opposite direction: Base Camp “Alaudin” – Laudan pass – Kulicalon lakes – Alaudin Pass – “Alaudin” Base Camp.