Start of piloted spacecraft Union TMA-04M

Almaty – Kyzylorda – Baikonur complex – Almaty

Start of the piloted ppaceship Union

3 days and 2 nights.

The program of the tour day by day: 

1 Day. 28 of March 2013. Almaty – Kyzylorda – Baikonur town. 
Almaty. Transfer to airport, flight № СК 975, at 08.40, to Kyzylorda. Arrival in Kyzylorda at 11.15, meet at the airport “Korkyt-Ata”. Transfer: Kyzylorda town – Zhosaly village – Baykonur town (234 км , 3 – 3,5 hours). Arrival on check-point Baikonur transfer, service of formalities of check of permits and passports, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Excursion on avenue of cosmonauts in the hotel “Cosmonaut”. Excursion on the town Baikonur , visiting: of a city museum of history of the cosmodrome. After visiting a museum, visiting of a monument to the first builders of city and the cosmodrome, a bust to general Shubnikov. The sightseeing tour on city, visiting of avenue of the cosmonauts located in territory of hotel “Cosmonaut”. Visiting of a complex – a monument to space exploration and history of city «The Dawn, Leninskiy, Leninsk, Baikonur», monuments to Jury Gagarin, general Nedelin, S.Korolev monument, a memorial of the lost investigator, a monument to a rocket the Union, the city area with V.I.Lenin’s monument, pavilion Gagarin in territory of a military unit on coast of the river Syr-Darya, quay Syr-Darya, a monument to academician Jangel, a model of nuclear ballistic rocket SS – 17 (on classification of NATO “Satana”) pedestals with planes AN – 12 and IL – 14 , local «Arbat», monument Abaya Kunanbaev, the first locomotive of the cosmodrome at station of city, a local market. Dinner, overnight.

Attached spacecraft Union to the ISS

2 Day. 29 of March 2013. Baikonur cosmodrome.
Breakfast. Transfer to complex “Union”, space area № 254, the report of crew of the cosmonauts, composed of three person here will be shown to chairman of the State commission about readiness for start of a rocket “Union”. Further we observe of departure of cosmonauts by the bus on space area № 1. After departure of cosmonauts, visiting of assembly -test building “Union” on a platform № 254. Transfer on a helicopter platform – supervision over start of a spacecraft “Union TMA”. Start of a spacecraft “Union TMA”. After start-up of a spacecraft “Union TMA”, transfer on Gagarin start, a platform № 1. Survey of a “warm” place of start. Visiting of a monument – to the first space satellite of the Earth. Transfer to a museum of the cosmodrome Baikonur (1 km, 10 mines). Excursion in a museum of the cosmodrome, near to a museum is a legendary spacecraft “Buran” and various technics which was used at the cosmodrome – the breadboard model of a combat missile by which in 196 0 1 of May the American plane-scout under control of Francis Gary Powers has been brought down, the heavy tractor on caterpillar to a course on which Sergey Korolev in an impassability of roads moved on the cosmodrome. Visiting of the spaceship “Buran”. After excursion in a museum – visiting of memorial small houses of Jury Gagarin and cosmonaut-doubler Herman Titov in which cosmonauts have lead night before start with 11 for April, 12th, 1961 and a small house of the general designer, academician Sergey Koroleva. Returning in a Baikonur (50, km. 40 minutes). Dinner and overnight in the hotel.
3 Day. 30 of March 2013. Baikonur town – Kyzylorda – Almaty.
Breakfast. Early transfer: Baikonur – Kyzyorda (234 km). Arrival in Kyzylorda, transfer to airport, departure flight СК 976, at 12.00 to Almaty. Arrival in Almaty, meet at the airport, transfer to town. 

International Space Station

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