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Hiện nay, có rất nhiều người có nhu cầu sử dụng cũng như muốn bán chúng đi. Các đơn vị thu mua cũng có khá nhiều và ngày một nhiều hơn. Việc chọn được một đơn vị thu mua uy tín là điều mà tất cả mọi người đều muốn. Tuy vậy, việc tìm kiếm

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Mirzo Tursunzoda Mausoleum

Mirzo Tursunzoda (1911-1977) – poet, prominent and politic figure,hero of Tajikistan. The monument was created in 1981, over the grave of the distinguished Tajik writer, Mirzo Tursunzade. The monument consists of three open books-pylons, decorated with light marble; personifications clear thoughts and deeds of the writer. The height of the central pylon is 13.5m, and

Central Asian Safari: Uzbekistan – Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan

With their long and dramatic history, the Central Asian republics have a lot to offer to an adventurous traveler. This safari will give you a chance to enjoy extensive historical sightseeing, as well as all kinds of natural landscapes, from deserts and oases of Uzbekistan to beautiful mountains and lakes of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan .

Trekking to Fany Lakes

Dushanbe – Gorge Varzob – pass Anzob – Alaudin Base Camp – Alaudinsky lakes – Mutny lakes – Chimtarga or Kaznok Passes – Big Alaudin lake – Kulikalon lakes – Alaudin Pass – Zierat pass – lakes Zierat and Chukurak – Laudan pass – lake Iskanderkul – Saritag village – village Urmitan 1 Day. Dushanbe. Arrival in Dushnbe, meeting

Archeologic tour to Aral sea  Forgotten world on Aral bottom

At the bottom a lot of white salt, is visible outlines of ancient city, the mausoleums, necropolises and settlements. Many spoke for fun, that in Kazakhstan is found forgotten Atlantida. Program: 1 Day.  Transfer to train station Almaty II. Departure by train number 7 «Almaty – Moscow» at 05.50, to Aralsk town. To be on one’s way

Hunting with prey birds in Kazakhstan

Place of a hunting. Syugaty valley – from west (Bartogay resevoir, Chilik river flows into this reservoir) to east , length about 50 km. Valley is locked by Syugaty mountains from north, Toraygyr range – from south, valley borders with small Ulken-Boguty mountainsfrom north-east and is locked by valley of Chryn river from east. You can

Путешествие вокруг Малого Аральского моря

Аральск – пос. Жаланаш – кладбище «Погибших кораблей» – пос. Тастубек – стоянка рыбаков – пос. Акеспе – пос. Акбасты – пос. Каратерен – озеро Комбаш – Аральск 1 день. Переезд: Г. Аральск – пос. Жаланаш – пос. Тастубек – стоянка рыбаков – пос. Тастубек (109 км.). Выезд из Аральска, наш путь лежит на северо-запад,

Climbing to Lenin Peak in 2012 

Achik-Tash Base Camp will be active between 1st July and 10th September.  Situated in the Pamirs mountains on the border between the Central Asian countries of Kyrgyzstan and Tadjikistan, close to the borders with China and Afghanistan , Lenin Peak is one of only five 7000 meter peaks. At 7134 meters it is the third highest, the

Horse riding in Terskei Ala-Too

Lake Issyk-Kul – village Tamga – gorge Barskoon – river Kichu-Djargylchak – river Chychkan – gorge Djuuku – river Dyungereme – Lake Chokoly-Kol – Pass Tosor – gorge Sary-Ter – valley Buguymuz The program of the tour day by day: 1 Day. Bishkek. Arrival in Bishkek, a meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation, rest.