Archeologic tour to Aral sea  Forgotten world on Aral bottom

At the bottom a lot of white salt, is visible outlines of ancient city, the mausoleums, necropolises and settlements. Many spoke for fun, that in Kazakhstan is found forgotten Atlantida.


1 Day.  Transfer to train station Almaty II. Departure by train number 7 «Almaty – Moscow» at 05.50, to Aralsk town. To be on one’s way 30 hours. Overnight on the train.
2 Day.  Arrival in  Aralsk , at 11.48 Meeting at the train station, sightseeing: city museum, old port, a monument to the four ships (one of they are a big, two of they are middle size, and fourth a little ship), local market, city square. Back to hotel, overnight.
Transfer: Aralsk – Aralkum village – Kombash village – Amanotkel village – Bogen village – Karateren village (172 km). From Aralsk to village and lake Kombash (75 km), from Kombash to Bogen (68 km of asphalt roads) and other 28 km from Bogen to Karateren good grader. On the way visit Bogen village, visit local mosque and walk on village, visiting local school in sand. By the way visiting Aklak hydro unit on river Syr-Darya. Arrive in village Karateren. Accommodation at the Argyn guest house. Overnight at the guest house.
3 Day.  Breakfast. Transfer: Karateren village – ancient settlement Aral-Asar (66 km). Visit settlement, crossing to mausoleum Kerderi (2 km), visiting archeological excavations of the mausoleum. Back to Karateren (68 km). Overnight at the guest house.
4 Day.  Breakfast at the guest house. Transfer: Karateren village – Kokaral a dam – Akbasty village (130 km). By the way we will stop for survey Кок aral) of a dam which has barrier off the Small and Big Aral seas. Length of a dam of 13 kilometers, grateful to a dam, the water level in Small Aral sea has risen up to a level of 42 meters. We see sluices of a dam through which blue waters from Small Aral sea the distance up to which from a dam of 12 kilometers goes in Big А ral. Further our crossing to settlement Ак basty which has got lost among sand Priaralye, in this settlement, local residents are engaged in fishing and cultivation of camels. The most interesting place in Ак basty, this local cemetery brought by sand which is among barchans. Returning in Ка rateren. Overnight at the guest house.
5 Day.  Breakfast . Transfer: Karateren village – Bogen village – Amanotkel village – Kazalinsk (196 km) Departure by train to Almaty.

Please, attention!

1.  In the hotel “Aral” in Aralsk there are only two rooms «Suite» in which there is a shower with «Ariston» and a toilet (which happen are often borrowed). In other standard roomss there is no shower bath, there is a washstand with cold water and a toilet, hot water in rooms also is not present. On of the floors has bath where possible to washed.
2. Toilet in the guest house is in settlement Karateren outside of the house. The shower bath, in the house is not present, there is a bath in which it is possible to be washed by hot water, also in the guest house in settlement Karateren to you will suggest to be placed for a lodging for the night on a floor on mattresses with furnishing. In guest house, also living owners of this guesthouse, you will be placed for night in separate room.